There are two things that a writer needs to know before reading this book: One: that he or she doesn’t need to be licensed, registered or certified to become a writer. If you have one hand, pen and paper (or keyboard), then you can write. And with today’s advancements, you can use recording technology to transcribe your audible words into digital ones, making the writing process easier. The second thing you need to know is that it’s all made up: mystery thrillers, encyclopedias, history books, science fiction – it’s all a work of the writer’s creativity; no matter how fanciful or steeped in facts, it’s put together as a work of creation. Our words (written or spoken) are acts of imagination. Think of a fiction series that fans rave about. “Omg, you gotta read ABC series, it’s that good. Once you start, you can’t stop. I’m telling you.” And that series is nothing but made up stories of characters and scenes that never existed and never will exist. It’s just one lone writer (or writers) who contrived a fantastic story from their imagination for your entertainment. This is done over and over again and readers fall for it every time. Now before you go and create an avalanche of duped readers with your bestselling book, remember that you have permission to write by virtue of having at least one hand or recording device. And know that you have the right as anyone else to have fun and create with your imagination whatever it is you want to create. Read on and have fun.

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