TOMORROW (noun): A Mystical Land

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TOMORROW (noun): A Mystical Land


TOMORROW (noun): a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.

Let’s imagine that it’s 11 pm right now. Pretty much the end of the day is over, you’ve settled down for the night and you have to work or go to school tomorrow morning.

But… something is on your mind. It’s very clear to you or it’s shrouded; yet something is a little off nonetheless. Hmm, what is it? Could it be meditating before going to sleep? Polishing up your website? Working on your business plan? Maybe, just maybe it could be writing that chapter for your book? Of course you can do it tomorrow. I mean, come on, it’s late, tomorrow is another day and you’re tired.

But… you know as well as I do that today will be just another day ending with excuses, procrastination and a lack of fulfillment. Plus you will probably have another restless night thinking about the very thing that lights up your soul. Just know that you have the POWER OF CHOICE on your side. I truly believe that.

How about you get up RIGHT NOW and get to work on that project or that painting. Perhaps it’s exercising for 10 minutes or writing a poem. Who cares?! JUST START and see where it leads you. This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to be consistent if you haven’t, or to get started. Know that all you have is NOW. Tomorrow will always be tomorrow, forever seducing us with ‘maybes’ and a false sense of hope. “There’s never a good time to start. There’s always… a great time to start.” – Geo Malave

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